Biters are wielded by Riki.

NameMin AtkMax AtkPhys DefEther DefCrit RateBlock RateSlotsSkin
Meteor Nibbler7008000010%0%1 - 34-B
Banquet Biter64571030200%15%U39-B
Comet Biter640700502520%15%1 - 33-A
Calming Biter63567030200%5%U31-B
Guarded Gnasher62073525150%14% 2 2-B
Silver Vasanova590800000%0%U36-A
Hero Biter575635000%14%1 - 31-A
Cosmic Nibbler530660007%0%24-B
Kaboom Nibbler500700009%0%34-A
Machina Nibbler III48064017105%10%U28-B
Rex Biter470660006%0%1 - 26-A
Machina Biter III460550000%13% 1 - 37-A
Fish Biter460550000%11%U19-A
Barrier Gnasher4604801890%11%1 - 35-A
Machina Nibbler II43062022110%13%U28-B
Machina Biter II41554020100%12%1 - 37-B
Prosperity Biter410540000%10% 0 - 21-A
Jaw Nibbler390590005%0%0 - 36-B
Machina Nibbler380490000%12%2 - 38-A
Longevity Biter380490000%9%U11-B
Siege Gnasher3804251470%9% 3 2-A
Machina Biter330425008%0% 1 7-A
Beast Biter325430000%7% 21-B
Strike Biter3004850010%0%1 - 2 1-A
Warrior Gnasher3003301260%8%25-B
Queen Frog280390000%6%U23-B
Ironwall Gnasher2803401050%7%1 - 32-B
Reward Nibbler2655550010%0%U24-B
Hunting Nibbler250420004%0%16-A
Dream Gnasher250300840%6%1 - 35-A
Anti-Mechon Biter230360000%0% 1 6-A
King Frog230255630%5%U13-A
Boom Nibbler220360003%0%0 - 34-B
Meditor Gnasher220260420%5%1 - 22-A
Serpent Biter215300000%4%0 - 21-A
Love Biter200345000%5%U14-B
Wrecking Nibbler200320002%0% 1 4-A
Hunter Biter192270000%0% 1 1-A
Gladiator Biter180310000%2%0 - 21-B

† = weapons that can damage the Mechon


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