Ether Rifles are wielded by Sharla.

NameMin AtkMax AtkPhys DefEther DefCrit RateBlock RateSlotsSkin
Endless Rifle79085005015%5%1 - 36-B
Trinity740775000%0% 2 6-A
Ignis Rifle670740000%0% 2 1-A
Satellite Shot6308100016%0%34-B
Gadolt's Cannon6307350018%0%38-B
Devil Cannon6007600020%0%2 - 35-A
Havoc Sniper5956253509%15% 2 3-A
Machina Rifle III5857101505%10%U26-B
Hurricane Shot5807400016%0% 1 - 3 4-A
Machina Sniper II5606203008%13% 2 7-B
Delta Rifle560620000%0%1 - 23-B
Machina Rifle II5257003209%14%U26-B
Safe Rifle52063020200%5%U35-B
Machina Cannon5006000018%0% 1 - 3 8-A
Draft Rifle500600000%0%0 - 22-B
Gust Shot4806500014%0% 2 4-B
Storm Shot4806500012%0% 0 - 3 4-A
Machina Sniper4605502808%12% 2 - 37-A
Rock Winder460550000%0%U23-A
Machina Rifle420510000%0% 16-A
Spirit Rifle420510000%0% 0 - 2 2-B
Black Sniper4205002507%10% 23-B
Gale Shot4006000010%0%2 - 34-B
Disaster Cannon3907800018%0% 1 - 35-A
Covert Sniper3804602406%9% 1 3-A
Anti-Mechon Sniper320465000%0%13-A
Wind Shot3104600010%0% 0 - 2 4-A
Bonus Sniper2905980010%0%U23-B
Dark Cannon2806200015%0% 0 - 3 5-B
Etoile Sniper2703502206%8%0 - 11-B
Gadolt's Rifle265345000%0%32-A
Breeze Shot250400006%0%0 - 24-A
King Cluster250400008%0%U14-B
Forest Sniper2503303005%7% 1 1-A
Ain Rifle240340000%0%0 - 33-A
Pride Sniper2303201604%6%0 - 23-B
Nopon Cannon2204800010%0%15-A
Danger Sniper2203101404%5%21-A
Queen Cluster2102901805%6%U11-B
Stealth Rifle210290000%0%02-B
Search Sniper1852651203%5% 0 - 2 1-B
Calm Shot170280005%0%24-A
Spit Cluster170275005%0%U14-B
Brain Rifle160230000%0%2 - 33-B
Chrome Sniper150210802%5%1 - 21-B
White Cluster1401951003%5%U11-A
Shift Rifle125180000%0%02-B
Point Rifle115200000%0%13-A
Air Sniper115160502%0%01-A

† = weapons that can damage the Mechon


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