Monados are wielded by Shulk.

At the start of the game, Dunban uses the Monado and Shulk uses the Junk Sword, which cannot be changed or removed until Dunban passes the Monado on to Shulk. Although it is not a Monado, Shulk's Junk Sword is included here for convenience.

The Monado used by Dunban in the Battle of Sword Valley is unusual in that it is a Unique weapon with an Unbeatable 100% gem. The version he uses later at Colony 9 and passes on to Shulk has two empty slots.

Although some of the other "Monados" are just replicas, they function just like the Monado, allowing Shulk to use Monado Buster, Enchant, etc.

The Monado's attack power increases with Shulk's level.

NameMin AtkMax AtkPhys
Junk Sword122000 +5%02
Monado11.2 x Lv †15 x Lv †00 +10%02
Monado II14 x Lv †18 x Lv †00 +10%03
Replica Monado8.4 x Lv †10.5 x Lv †2525 +10% +5%3
Monado Rudra9.8 x Lv †10.5 x Lv †2525 +5% +5%3
Monado Agni5.6 x Lv †10.5 x Lv †5050 +5% +25%3
Monado Abyss8.4 x Lv †13.5 x Lv †2525 +15% +5%3
Monado Dogma8.4 x Lv †10.5 x Lv †00 +25%02
Monado Saga7 x Lv †9 x Lv †150150 +5% +15%2
Monado III14 x Lv †18 x Lv †2525 +75% +15%3

† Confirmation of the formula is needed. Current data is based off of Xenoblade Google Document.


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