Swords are wielded by Dunban after he passes the Monado on to Shulk.

NameMin AtkMax AtkPhys DefEther DefCrit RateBlock RateSlotsSkin
Wyvern Cutlass78085050015%10%1 - 31-A
Alpine Striker7708450012%0%24-B
Lazard725890000%0%28-B ‡
Forma Spear700765000%0%2 - 33-B
Cumulo Cutlass7007250013%0%27-B
Snaer Striker700725009%0%1 - 34-B
Machina Sword III7007252005%10%U28-A ‡
Chosen One6909153000%15%U32-A
Cerasus Cutlass6667770011%0%1 - 21-A
Darkness Sickle6608800018%0%2 - 35-A
Cloud Cutlass6608000012%0%0 - 26-B
Natura Defender6286922800%14% 2 2-B
Machina Blade II6208900010%0%U28-B ‡
Machina Blade III620800000%0%1 - 38-B ‡
Machina Sword II6007202600%13%2 - 38-A ‡
Dividing Line5906602400%12%U12-B
Mountain Spear550595000%0%1 - 33-B
Machina Blade5457100016%0%2 - 38-B ‡
Machina Sword5006500014%0%18-A ‡
Mani Defender4905902000%10%0 - 32-B
Snowy Striker485850008%0%14-A
Half-Bloom Striker450740007%0%24-B
Night Sickle4507200015%0%0 - 25-B
Firing Hammer440800006%0%U14-A
Illunis Defender4105101800%9%32-A
Iron Cutlass400565009%0%16-B
Anti-Mechon Striker380590000%0%14-B
Moonlit Defender3604701600%8%0 - 22-B
Lion Cutlass350490007%0%27-B
Frigus Striker340640005%0%0 - 24-B
Calming Spear32079025200%5%U33-A
Caliga Defender3204101200%6%12-B
Reward Defender3156500010%0%U22-A
Alpine Spear315330000%0%13-A
Steel Katana290400005%0%11-A
Black-Steel Striker275520004%0%2 - 34-A
Evening Sickle2504400010%0%2 - 35-B
Anti-Mechon Glaive245360004%0%01-B
Purity Striker240430003%0%24-B
Steel Cutlass238465002%0%16-A
Luna Defender225300500%2%0 - 22-A
Homs Sabre1222002%0%01-A

† = weapons that can damage the Mechon

‡ = 8-A and 8-B have a blade of glowing blue energy when drawn.


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