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Twin Blades are wielded by Fiora in her Mechon body. They always come as a matched pair, one for each hand, and can damage the Mechon.

NameMin AtkMax AtkPhys DefEther DefCrit RateBlock RateSlotsSkin
Meyneth Monado3504000015%0%U3 -
Conviction Blades340385255015%10%34-B
Eternity Knives3203900012%0%2 - 33-B
Safe Blades32035025200%5%U35-A †
Final Cut310320000%0%23-B
Grace Blades300325008%0%26-A ‡
Hrunting295415000%0%U35-A †
Dystopia2804800010%0%2 - 36-B ‡
War Blades270415008%0%2 - 35-B †
Utopia270285151520%5%15-B †
Regal Daggers26030022220%8%1 - 32-B
Delay Blades255310005%0%1 - 36-A ‡
Omega Break250350006%0%U25-B †
Falcon Blades2452950010%0%24-B
Chaos Break24025518180%6%U12-B
Star Knives2303700010%0%13-B
Swallow Blades2302950010%0%2 - 34-B
Orca Daggers22029020200%8%24-A
Karma Blades210275005%0%2 - 35-A †
Sparrow Blades200290005%0%01-B
Jack Daggers19527515150%6%2 - 34-A
Murder Knives195250008%0%13-A
Protector Daggers18026012120%4%2 - 32-A
Mechonis Swords180260000%0%21-A
Reward Swords1301900010%0%U24-A

† 5-A and 5-B have a red glow along the edge of the blade when drawn.

‡ 6-A and 6-B have a red glow streaming from the edge of the blade when drawn.


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