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Weapons function similarly in Xenoblade Chronicles X as they did in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are a type of Ground Gear which can be equipped on party members and used in battle. There are many distinct looks for weapons, and even weapons that look similar to each other can have completely different effects in battle. There are two major types: Melee and Ranged weapons. Weapons can be dropped by enemies, earned from missions, bought or sold at shops, obtained from Treasure Chests, created through the AM Terminal, or received through trading with NPCs.

The weapons a party member may use is dependent on the character's class. For example, members of the Full Metal Jaguar class, like Elma, can only use Dual Swords and Dual Guns. They cannot use other kinds of weapons, like Longswords or Assault Rifles. Players who have fully mastered a Level 4 class may use its weapons with any other class.

Weapon drops are not tied to a specific enemy type, like armor; rather, they are influenced by the classes of the current party. A party consisting of Partisan Eagle Cross, Elma, and Lin will be more likely to find Sniper Rifles, Dual Guns, Gatling Guns, Javelins, Dual Swords, and Shields than other weapon types.

Skells do not use ground weapons but instead use Skell Weapons.

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are used for fighting close to enemies. The main types of Melee Weapons are:

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons are used for shooting enemies from a distance. The main types of Ranged Weapons are:

Delta Bliss is a special ranged weapon with a unique type, the Multigun.


Weapon materials are divided into tiers based on their equip level, one for every ten levels. Some salvaged equipment may be "Worn" (can be equipped three levels earlier), "Advanced" (slightly stronger but requires three more levels), or "Ultra" (strongest variant and only for level 60 weapons).

Tier Ranged Melee Six Stars Ranged Six Stars Melee
1 Storm Iron
10 Soldier Titanium
20 Warrior Chrome Rugged Faithful
30 Ophidian Cobalt Devastator Steelbreaker
40 Destroyer Chromoly Sparrow Pulverizing
50 Striker Cermet Foxfire Intrepid
60 Delta Carbide Rectifier Audacious
60+ Cosmic Ceramic Virtue Godbreaker
60++ Nebulan Diamond Transience Phenomenon

Craftable Weapons

Some weapons can be crafted at the AM Terminal, via the Develop New Gear option. This includes the Delta Bliss and the Archetype and Original/Masterstroke sets. Archetype weapons are made by Sakuraba Industries and Grenada Galactic Group, Masterstroke weapons are made by Six Stars, and Original weapons are made by Candid & Credible, Orphean Technologies, and Nopon Commerce Guild.

Archetype weapons are craftable from the beginning, are Prime quality, have built-in augments, and come in level 20, 40, and 60 versions.

Original/Masterstroke weapons must be unlocked by obtaining Schematics from specific Ganglion enemies. Original/Masterstroke weapons are level 60 and are common-quality with three empty slots and no built-in augments.

Weapon Names

Each Arms Manufacturer gives their weapon a specific name. The numeral (I, II, or III) suffix refers to the weapon's attribute and/or stat differences in Stability, Cooldown, Ammo, or TP Gain.


AM Longsword Javelin Dual Swords Shield Knife Photon Saber
Sakuraba Industries Sword Spear Blades Shield Knife Saber
Grenada Galactic Group Slair Parce Ralzes Paive Riv Fulge
Candid & Credible --- Bolide Twins Haven --- ---
Meredith & Co. Spatha Pilum Gladiis Parma Pugio Candela
Six Stars Glaive Lance Edges --- --- Lightblade
Orphean Technologies --- Jyth Watxes --- Iyst ---
Nopon Commerce Guild --- --- --- Thudclang Pokepoke ---
Factory 1.21 Pride --- --- Honor --- ---


AM Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle Dual Guns Gatling Gun Raygun Psycho Launchers
Sakuraba Industries Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle Dual Guns Machine Raygun Launchers
Grenada Galactic Group Avagar Retic Gemels Repethe Lastyr Psylans
Meredith & Co. Sclopetum Sicarius Pistolia Grando Radius Ruina
Candid & Credible Assailer Trigger Dyads Crank Strobe Saboteurs
Six Stars Raidrifle Deadsight Sidearm --- --- ---
Orphean Technologies --- --- --- Ziyse --- Zorcyses
Nopon Commerce Guild --- Thwipper Bangbangs Ratatatta --- Fwooshers
Factory 1.21 Rapture --- --- --- Faith ---

Skell Weapons

Main article: Skell Weapons

Sources of Weapons

These are all the enemies known to drop ground weapons:

In addition, Gate Puges, Pawn Puges, and Pawn Pugiliths may drop ground weapons. They are the only Mechanoids known to do so.

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