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Scrap dealer (Colony 9)
Comeback trader (Colony 6)
Time Active Anytime (Colony 9)
03:00 - 15:00 (Colony 6)
Gender Male
Race Homs
Age 32
Location Colony 9 (Mechon Wreckage Site)
Colony 6 (Reconstruction HQ)

Werner (Japanese: ヴェルナー, Verunā) is a Homs in Xenoblade Chronicles. He can be found at the Mechon Wreckage Site in Colony 9, and in the flower gardens of Colony 6. He eventually sets up a shop in Colony 6, selling butterfly biscuits and ribbons.

Inviting to Colony 6


Trade (Colony 9)

Item Affinity
Sweet Wasabi 1
Strength Up I ☆1
Colony Cap (0 slots) ☆1
Kneecap Rock ☆2
Bunnit Paw ☆2
Metal Lancer (0 slots) ☆2
Wet Hair ☆3
Leather Shoes (0 slots) ☆3
Strength Up II ☆4
Rainbow Zirconia Overtrade +3,900 G

Trade (Colony 6)

Item Affinity
Verdant Eternity 1
Serrated Insect Leg ☆1
Pelt Cap (1 slot) ☆1
Wool Rock ☆4
Agility Down IV ☆4
Agility Down V ☆5
Court Leggings (Unique) ☆5
Slender Horn Overtrade +340 G



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