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The World Tree (Japanese: 世界樹, Sekaiju) is a main location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a towering tree standing in the center of the endless Cloud Sea. The inhabited world of Alrest lies around it. The fabled paradise Elysium is said to be located at the top of the World Tree. The exterior of the World Tree is covered in thick growths of wood and leaves while the interior is technological-themed, a mechanical tower with robotic enemies.


Praetor Amalthus became the first person to climb the tree, where he found Elysium empty and took two Core Crystals back with him to Alrest. He awakened Malos and Mythra, beginning the Aegis War. After the war, all passage to the World Tree was forbidden, and it was guarded by the Artifice Ophion and the Great Void.

When the party rescues Pyra and Mythra from the Gotrock Oracle Ruins in the Cliffs of Morytha, the battle betwen Ophion and Siren destroyed the cliffs, causing them, and Jin, to fall through the Cloud Sea and come to rest in the Land of Morytha.

The roots of the World Tree are accessible from the ruins of Morytha, and the party finds an elevator that will take them up inside, where they find that it is an entirely mechanical tower surrounded by plant life.

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  • The four main levels of the World Tree, Benetnash, Mizar, Alioth and Megrez, come in the same order as the four stars forming the "handle" of the Big Dipper (Plough) asterism in the constellation of the Ursa Major: Benetnash, also known as η Ursae Majoris or Alkaid; Mizar, or ζ Ursae Majoris; Alioth, or ε Ursae Majoris; and Megrez, or δ Ursae Majoris.
  • The World Tree is likely a reference to Yggdrasil, the World Tree from Norse mythology which is located in the center of the universe and connects the nine worlds.