The Xenoblade Original Soundtrack is an album containing musical tracks from Xenoblade Chronicles. It was composed by Yoko Shimomura (eleven songs), ACE+ (29 songs), Manami Kiyota (50 songs), and Yasunori Mitsuda (one song). The album was released through Dog Ear Records on 23 June 2010.

ACE+ members are Tomori Kudo, CHiCO, and Kenji Hiramatsu. The theme song, Beyond the Sky, was performed by Sarah Àlainn, with the music performed by Yasunori Mitsuda. The lyrics to Beyond the Sky were written in Japanese by Tetsuya Takahashi and translated into English by Lisa Gomamoto.

The soundtrack consists of four CDs, red in colour. Each CD has a character portrait on the label: Shulk on Disc One, Fiora on Disc Two, Reyn on Disc Three, and Sharla on Disc Four.


There are 91 songs on the soundtrack, divided among four CDs with a total running time of four hours and fifty-eight minutes. The CDs are grouped into two pairs. Discs One and Two contain music from the title screen and the game's cutscenes. Discs Three and Four contain battle music and music from the open world areas of the game. The tracks within each CD pairing are generally presented in the order encountered in the game. There are some exceptions, such as the music for Agniratha appearing before the music for the Central Factory.

Some of the literal translations of the tracks' Japanese names do not correspond with their names in the official English localization, and some track names have more than one translation. These alternate names can be found italicized as alt titles.

Disc One

Disc Two

Disc Three

Disc Four

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