For the holofigure, see Xern (holofigure).

Xerns (Japanese: ゼルン, Zerun) are machine enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are huge Ganglion aircraft carriers, and are some of the biggest and strongest enemies in the game. There are only three known Xerns, they do not drop any material items, but the Tyrants can drop a holofigure or equipment.


"Ganglion attack carriers that hover above strategically critical areas and defend them from incoming foes.

Though capable of housing up to 40 Skells, the crafts are more than just mobile hangars. Their main cannon can instantly vaporize Skell platoons with a single blast, or create a torrent of lasers by firing special energy rounds into the sky. Additionally, the carriers can interface with attack satellites in geostationary orbit to unleash offensives that no amount of evasive maneuvering could escape."

List of Xern Enemies

Minor Enemy


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