Xiphias (Japanese: ルメデル, Rumederu) are flying swordfish-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be found in Primordia, Noctilum, and Sylvalum.


"These mollusks are best described as sea slugs that evolution saw fit to give them a fish-like morphology. Their horns (actually vestigial shells) are used to subdue prey in conjunction with glowing dorsal bumps--a biological version of naval mines that can be ejected at will. Like mechanical mines, they are triggered by the slightest amount of tactile contact."

"As the wings of young specimens are too small for flight, they attach themselves to rocks on the sea floor and ingest algae for sustenance. Only when they develop a horn and wings after a year or so do they they finally take to the sky. And despite being frail, they exhibit exceptional regenerative abilities. Even if both wings are lost, they can eventually be repaired, given enough time."

Color Variants

Xiphias fall into two color variants:

  • Blue xiphias are dark blue with light blue fins and red eyes and dorsal bumps. They can drop Sapphire Horns.
  • Pink xiphias are light pink with magenta fins and green eyes and dorsal bumps. They can drop Emerald Horns. They are only found in the lake within Sylvalum's Behemoth's Shadows.

Types of Xiphias

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



Xiphias may be derived from the Xiphias gladius, the scientific name for the swordfish, the genus Xiphias or the family Xiphiidae of which it is the only member.

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