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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.


Yumea's Maid

Yumea's Maid is a High Entia in Xenoblade Chronicles. She appears after Melancholy Tyrea, and can be found on the outside entrance to Junks while it is parked in Colony 6. She is the maid of Yumea, the first consort of the High Entia Emperor Sorean.

She can be found at the conclusion of Melancholy Tyrea. If spoken to, she will describe further backstory to the relationship of Yumea and Tyrea, and their heartfelt goodbye in light of Yumea's condition.

She seems to serve no other purpose than to further detail the relationship that Yumea and Tyrea had, cannot be traded with, and does not appear on the Affinity Chart.

Strangely, she appears as one of the gossiping NPCs during a vision when accepting Lifespan of a Machina.