Zigs (Japanese: ジグ, Jigu) are a type of machine in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are stationary turrets used by the Ganglion, and make up for their lack of mobility with very long detection range. These abilities are hampered during electromagnetic storms.


"These autonomous Ganglion cannons can detect enemies with astounding efficiency. Dense armor gives them a sweeping advantage in head-to-head shootouts, while the weapons affixed to either arm can be customized for all forms of warfare, including anti-personnel, anti-surface, and anti-air."

"In one past conflict, hundreds of such units were deployed on the deck of a space carrier as a form of extra firepower. The operation was written off as a failure, however, due to the massive costs incurred."

List of Zig Enemies

Normal Minor Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies


Breakable body parts

  • Arms (targetable on foot only)

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