Zukazu (Japanese: カズロー, Kazurō) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. He can be found in the southwestern portion of the Residential District of Colony 9, but will transfer to the Refugee Camp on Bionis' Leg if A Big Brother's Fight is completed.


Trade (C9)

Item Affinity Value
Sweet Wasabi 1
Attack Stability I ☆3
Genuine Chamber ☆3
Light Gloves (1 slot) ☆3
Ether Def Up I ☆4
Maternal Armu Milk ☆4
Krabble Artwork Overtrade +2,270 G

Trade (Refugee Camp)

Item Affinity Value
Cave Rat 1
Agility Up I ☆1
Fertile Flamii Egg ☆1
Brog Leg Meat ☆2
Guardis Greaves (0 slots) ☆2
Agility Up II ☆4
Swimming Trunks (1 slot) Overtrade +1,600 G


In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Zukazu is a quest-exclusive enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is fought as a level 64 Nopon enemy during the wave 9 of the This Year's Heropon Challenge Battle, available as downloadable content from the Challenge Battle Mode Pack of the Expansion Pass.